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Timor Telecom forms partnership with Mobimedia.

After commencing operations in the South Pacific more than 8 years ago, Mobimedia International has launched services in yet another island nation, as Timor-Leste becomes the 34th market to offer Mobimedia products this December.

In a deal just announced, the leading network operator in Timor-Leste, Timor Telecom, will offer Mobimedia VAS services on the network beginning December 5th, 2016.

Partner Manager at Timor Telecom, Marta Vieira said,

“Timor Telecom is glad to announce the partnership with Mobimedia this month, which started with the campaign “Buka Pai Natal” and it is already looking forward to working with Mobimedia on more projects in the new year.”

Timor Telecom is the number 1 fixed and mobile telecommunications network operator in the country, covering more than 94% of the population with mobile and internet services. 

Nick Brown of Mobimedia says the new partnership will offer users a greater range of products, and a better mobile experience. “We are really looking forward to a strong relationship with Timor Telecom, and excited about providing products over the next few years that have never been seen before in this market.” 

Initially delivering SMS games, there will also be options to explore further VAS services in the near future, including high-end data products such as Mobimedia flagship products mJams music, and Matchstix.

About Timor Telecom

Timor Telecom (TT), the Fixed and Mobile Telecommunications Network operator of Timor-Leste, was practically born from scratch after the telecommunications infrastructure of the country were destroyed in September 1999. In 2001, still under the auspices of UNTAET (UN administration), an international tender for construction of a Telecommunications system in Timor-Leste was launched under the BOT regime (Build, Operate, Transfer). In July 2002, the Timor Telecom consortium (promoted by Portugal Telecom) won the bid, and signed the respective Concession Agreement between the State of the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste and Timor Telecom. On the 17th of October the Timor Telecom consortium became official as Timor Telecom, SA – the first corporation formed in the country. On 1st of March 2003, Timor Telecom started its operations (Dili Los Palos, Baucau and Oecusse).

13 years later, Timor Telecom is a dynamic and a solid company that has surpassed various challenges and has always accompanied the Timorese people on their journey since the Restoration of Independence.

About Mobimedia International

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