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Mobimedia and telco giants to launch a fresh way of listening to home-grown music.

Dakar, Senegal - July 2018 sees an exciting product release in the music & technology space with the launch of the brand new Jabaa Music App

Designed for Android and with iOS coming soon, the eagerly awaited music streaming application features the hottest local artists, albums and tracks, available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

The partnership between tech behemoth Mobimedia, and Baatine Agency (owned by international hip hop artist and entrepreneur, Lord Alajiman) is a match made in music heaven. 

Mobimedia has created and launched numerous number 1 mobile apps across Asia and the Pacific, with the number of installs running into the millions. 

Lord Alajiman - member of the internationally recognised group Daara J - is well known in the music industry across West Africa due to his involvement in many successful business and artistic ventures.

In addition to allowing users to browse, stream, and listen to music on the go, the Jabaa Music App also offers features such as lyrics, custom playlists, and music sharing with friends via Facebook. With these and many other features, the offering is a uniquely curated experience featuring the content that users want to hear most.

A unique feature of this product in particular, is the focus on local music talent. The Jabaa Music App enables local artists access to a world class platform to host and deliver their content within a commercially viable model, and has already helped thousands of artists across the region further their careers by partnering with streaming giant mJams, by Mobimedia.

The application is home to some 2 million tracks from 3000 artists, with the aim of both combatting piracy and providing new avenues for artists to earn revenue from their works. Initial plans are for Jabaa to be rolled out across Western African markets beginning with Senegal.

Working closely with leading telecommunications providers, Orange and Tigo, Mobimedia have put a huge emphasis on creating an application with the end user in mind. 

The app is built on the latest music streaming technology that Mobimedia use to deliver the wildly successful mJams Music application across many Asian and South Pacific markets.

Orange Senegal and Tigo Senegal are home to over 12 Million mobile subscribers, and the launch of the Jabaa Music App will offer the best local music content to these customers.

How do I sign up to Jabaa Music App?

Easy! Just be connected to a valid mobile plan, download the Jabaa Music App and you will be welcomed with a FREE premium trial!

How do I subscribe?

Launch the app, enter your mobile number and verify with the pin you receive via SMS, then select your plan!

How much does it cost to download the Jabaa Music App?

The app itself is FREE! But you may be charged for data usage depending on your mobile plan.

How much does it cost to subscribe to Jabaa Music App?

At first, it’s FREE! After your trial, unlimited music is available on various plans.