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Mobimedia and Idea Cellular Launch "Idea Music Lounge"​

After signing a brand new partnership in late 2016, Idea Cellular and Mobimedia International have joined forces and will launch the Idea Music Lounge smartphone application in India this month, the first of many new Mobimedia products bound for the Indian market.

Idea Music Lounge is a music streaming and download application, designed for Android, iOS, Web & WAP. Offering a unique curated experience featuring specifically organised content to deliver what users want to hear most, directly to their smartphone. Idea Music Lounge features the best music content around with extensive content licenses from some of the hottest regional, Bollywood, and International artists, available to be streamed or downloaded 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for a seamless listening experience.

Sashi Shankar, CMO of Idea Cellular, the 3rd largest telecommunications carrier in India with 200,000,000 subscribers, congratulates Mobimedia for its world class innovative development and management of Idea's music app, Idea Music Lounge, enabling music streaming and supporting Digital Idea. 

“The team at Mobimedia has helped us shape our digital content offerings to enable the launch of Digital Idea. Their highly innovative and world class product delivery will help help us grow our base and engage with our subscribers.” - Sashi Shankar, Idea Cellular CMO.

Working closely with Idea, Mobimedia has put a huge emphasis on creating an application with the end user in mind. “First and foremost, we wanted to get the user experience perfect” said Mobimedia CEO David van Herwaarde. “You can have all the content in the world but if it’s not a fun app to use, it won’t succeed”.

With a huge number of features built-in, Idea and Mobimedia believe they have got the formula “just right”. There are so many different ways to listen to music on a mobile device and this application covers the gamut. Whether you want to hit one button to start playing this week's top tracks, search for a specific artist and song, or build your own playlists for a personalised listening experience, the Idea Music Lounge caters for all of these tastes and more.

With revenue in excess of USD$5 Billion; a market share of nearly 18.2% (as on Q4FY15); and a subscriber base of 200 million, Idea Cellular is one of the top three mobile operators in the Indian market and the sixth largest operator in the world.

Mobimedia International’s operations now cover 33 markets globally. The digital entertainment and technology company has honed its expertise delivering revenue accretive solutions to carriers in developing and emerging markets, making it the ideal partner for Idea Cellular’s first foray into music streaming.

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